our holiday season

We just wanted to put a reminder here about our PROCESS for the busy holiday season.

Standard turn around time is 5/7 business days (M-TH) for outfits without ANY PERSONALIZATION. An Additional 7/10 business days can be needed for anything with the following: NAMES on outfits, SANTA SACKS, or CUSTOM BOY SHIRTS

1. We print & create shipping labels at our HOME OFFICE. ( Multiple days at a time)

2. They then go to our warehouse where we begin to pack the orders in the order they were placed on the website.
Since we BATCH print labels- all labels are created- INCLUDES PERSONALIZED OUTFITS- SANTA SACKS & CUSTOM BOY SHIRTS.

3. The orders with NAMES, SANTA SACKS, 0r BOY SHIRTS then go to our personalization department where they can take an additional 7/10 BUSINESS DAYS- this means even if you got tracking for your order within a couple days of ordering, YOU STILL NEED TO ACCOUNT FOR THE ADDITIONAL BUSINESS DAYS for your tracking to begin working. If we were to ship the orders individually after they are PERSONALIZED it would take us even longer to get them out.


Please keep in mind that this is ONLY for holiday seasons. We appreciate each of you and your patience during this time!

Happy Holidays

Dash of Glitter Team